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Basically there are particular cabling used for (a) Indoor cabling (b) Outdoor cabling.

STP or Sheilded Twisted Pair is a type of copper telephone wiring in which each of the two copper wires that are twisted together are coated with an insulating coating that functions as a ground for the wires. The extra covering in shielded twisted pair wiring protects the transmission line from electromagnetic interference leaking into or out of the cable.


Indoor Cabling:-

This type of cable (up to 3 pair in construction) usually has a cream coloured PVC sheath over PVC insulated wires. The construction of this cable may be of either unsheilded twisted pair (UTP) construction or overall foil shielded twisted pair (FTP) construction. This cable can be used indoor and out however, should not be used in underground situations, or locations that expose it to direct sunlight. Typically 0.5mm copper conductors.

Outdoor Cabling:-

These form two or more groups. These are "aerial" or "underground" cables.

Underground cables usually have polyethylene conductor insulation (solid or foam) and polyethylene sheath. The core of the underground cable may incorporate a water blocking compound. These cables sometimes offer an extra layer of protection (nylon) which protect it from termites. Typically 0.4mm copper conductors but range from (0.64mm and 0.9mm are also available). This depends on location, line length and use.

Important note here - Outdoor cabling should not be used for indoor because it is shrouded in flamable materials unless S009 & BCA conditions are met.

Aerial cables also have a polyenthylene sheath and conductor insulation. Aerial cables often incorporate a strong support wire known as a 'integral bearer wire'. The core may also have a water blocking compound. Typically 0.4mm copper conductors.

Commercial Indoor Cables - 10 pair, 20 pair, 50 pair, & 100 pair

Domestic Indoor Cables - 2 pair, 3 pair, or 4 pair.

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