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The PABX is a telephone exchange which is privately owned and connects to the telephone exchange using trunk lines rather than telephone lines. The PABX also falls into the ACMA's (Australian Communications & Media Authority) category of CSS (Consumer Switching System). The PABX allows voice, data, imaging and other communications between internal users and external callers.


The systems are designed to allow customers to fully utilise the services provide by the carrier and allow internal communications to take place without the need for call charges.

PABX's terminate trunk lines from the carrier and provide interconnection to the extensions. Users making and outbournd call on a PABX are required to dial '0' for an outgoing line. When receiving a call on a PABX, it's the same as receiving a call at home, simply lift the handset up and speak.

The extensions can either be digital or analogue, 4 wire or 2 wire working.

Analogue Extensions:-

These are 2 wire analogue working extensions; they use the same pair for voice and signalling.

Digital Extensions:-

These extensions can be either 2 or 4 wire. If two wire they will use a similar type of interfaces as the ones used in the Basic Rate Access ISDN. If four wire, they can use one pair to transmit to the handset and one pair for receiving the signal from the handset. The voice and signalling path share the same pairs.

These extensions are referred to as system integral as they will only work with the system for which they have been disigned. Just like "Key Systems" the handsets are not interchangeable between manufacturers or even models.

PABX advantages over "Key Systems" is their ability to grow from 25 to 1500 or more extensions. This allows a business to enter into a fairly sophisticated switch and grow without limitations of a Key System.

PABX disadvantages is the entry price of a PABX system is much higher than that of a Key System.

This page was last modified on 3 January 2010 and maybe out of date with regards to newer practices at the time of reading this article




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